Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Welcome to my NEW Blog!I

Site is currently under construction!  Join me as I continue to update...daily!

I have been wanting to start this blog for ages! Finally the time seems right.  I have quit a part time job that I had, and now I may turn my attentions to other endeavors.

Let me tell you my vision for this blog.  First, and I am afraid , selfishly...I need to start the sad process of dispersing my own personal library that I have been building for 29 years!  I can still remember pushing my little baby girl (6 months old!) around in  her stroller at a used book vendor at a local fair.  I stumbled upon a box of old children's books, lavishly illustrated...they just called my name.  And they have been calling my name ever since.  I have laughed (and others with me) that I have been on a mission to "save each and every living book printed before the year 1960"... and I think I have done a pretty good job of it.  But, it is time to downsize my 20 + ceiling-to- floor bookcases that have books double and triple parked.

As time allows, I would like to   highlight certain books and series.  Also,  I want to price my books so that they can be affordable to anyone.   My purpose is not to make a fortune, but just to basically get back what I put into them.

You will notice that many of my books are library discards.  I will write a more detailed description, if I find the book to have above average use or wear.   I am also planning to have special sales, and promos something along this line:  (Buy 3 books, get 1 free!).  Oh, and incidentally, we are a smoke free home.

I have literally thousands of books and  it will take me some time to get them all posted and cataloged.  Of course, I don't plan to post thousands of books, but will be posting books by the banker box full , hopefully each week.  So, be sure to keep checking back.

I am excited to share my treasures with you and hope they will bless you as much as they have blessed my family.

Please feel free to leave me any comments and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Books should be posting by this weekend,