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Classics : List 1

Classics:  List # 1

You may notice that I have  started a "Classics" category. This is just list 1 of many more to come.  So when referring to this list or any other list when purchasing, please  refer to the proper list, the reason being  is because there will be other "list #1's" in other categories, such as Preschool Classics, or High School books...etc. So please be careful to refer to the correct list when making inquiries.
Here is a great list of Twaddle Free books that are sure to excite your students in their delight-directed learning!  What better way to learn, than to first open up a book!

Here is how it works:  

  •  I will be posting at least once a week.  I will try to be fairly consistent, and hope it will be on Sunday Night.  
  • I will also be posting the same books on my instagram feed:  charlottemasonlibrary  I recommend that you follow my instagram feed as well. 
  •  I will announce on  my Twitter Account  cmlibraryblog Sunday night  that I will be publishing a new list.   
  • If you see something you would like to order, please email me at  First come, first serve policy.
  • When I receive your email  stating what book you want,  I will confirm that you  can purchase it.  Then I will email you back asking you for your  address, and give you your total (with shipping).
  • Then you may place your paypal order. (see below) .  When that is done, I will  ship within 2 days.  
  • Remember.  I have thousands of books that I need to move!  :) 

 Nearly all of my books will be $3.00 +Shipping and Handling.  Some may be cheaper (paperbacks), others a bit more expensive (collectibles) .  But the majority of my books are $3.00.   I will be mailing books per media mail to keep your costs down.  If you want them sooner, you must let me know.   

At this time, I only accept PayPal  ( for online payments. If you would like to pay by check, then I will hold your book until the check clears, then mail your book.

I will do my best to answer any questions you might have regarding the book themselves.

This list of classics spans several different reading levels.  There are also some vintage books listed in the mix...they are priced accordingly.

Excellent condition.  PB $2.00 + shipping  

 PB $2.00 + shipping  

PB 1.00+ shipping

PB $1.00 + shipping

PB $2.00 + shipping

This book contains the complete book of  The Red Badge of Courage PLUS it is an annotated edition, like having a history book combined!  
 PB large  format, $2.00 + shipping

PB $2.00+ shipping

HB $3.00 + shipping

HB, vintage book, $3.00+ shipping

HB with Dust Jacket.  $3.00 + shipping

PB $2.00+ shipping  complete, unabridged

PB  $1.00 + shipping

HB large format with full page illustrations:  $3.00 + shipping

Book about the expanding frontier  HB $3.00 + shipping

HB  with illustrations $3.00 + shipping
PB $1.00 + shipping

PB $2.00 + shipping

PB $2.00 + shipping

PB $2.00 + shipping

The Jungle Book , vintage:  $4.00+ Shipping

The Second Jungle Book, Vintage, $4.00 + shipping

The Best Short Stories of Rudyard Kipling , vintage, $4.00+ shipping

Dr. Doolittle's Zoo, vintage, $4.00 + shipping

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