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List 2 : Landmark Books by Random House Publishers

List : 2
 Landmark Books!!!

Here is a great list of Twaddle Free books that are sure to excite your students in their delight-directed learning!  What better way to learn, than to first open up a book!

Here is how it works:  

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 Nearly all of my books will be $3.00 +Shipping and Handling.  Some may be cheaper (paperbacks), others a bit more expensive (collectibles) .  But the majority of my books are $3.00.   I will be mailing books per media mail to keep your costs down.  If you want them sooner, you must let me know.   

At this time, I only accept PayPal  ( for online payments. If you would like to pay by check, then I will hold your book until the check clears, then mail your book.

I will do my best to answer any questions you might have regarding the book themselves.

List 2

Landmark Books

If you are new to Landmark Books, then you are missing out on a real treat.  It's time I introduce you to them!   The following description  was found at   Landmark Books info They have all the information you will need to know about each book.  They are collectibles  and much sought after.  Be on the look out  at your local library.  Sadly, they are discarding these wonderful books.  Whenever  I find one, I hurriedly grab it.  I know SOMEONE will want it!  It is an EXCELLENT series of books to have in your home.  They were printed when the high tide of patriotism was the order of the day  in our country, before revisionism in American History took place.

"The Landmark Books are a series of non-fiction books published by Random House in the fifties and early sixties. Simply put, the Landmark series is the best collection of children's histories ever written. As a jacket blurb on an old edition stated, the reasons [for the series' popularity] are obvious: good writers and important and appealing subjects from America's past.
Writers in the Landmark series include such notable authors as:
Other writers in the series, though less well known, are generally first-rate." —Kathy ArtnerReader's Guide to American History.

Here is a good look at the spines, like I said, be on the look out for these books.  You might find one of the really RARE ones.  As I find them , I snatch them up to share with others.  I am not sure how many I own.  I don't have the complete set... there are over  100, but I have been collecting them for about 20 years now.   Some are cloth bound as you see here.  Others  have nice dust jackets...those are SO cool to find!  Others have  nice picture covers such as the Lawrence of Arabia book below.

Here is a better look at the Landmark logo. 

There are Landmarks  that are Biographies, such as this one.  Lawrence of Arabia was recently in the news because the actor, Omar Sharif recently passed away!

There are Landmarks on People, places, events, states, battles, etc. etc.!!

After working on this post, I decided to go out to the ware house and look for all of my Landmarks to see how many I actually have....I was a bit is one "wall of Landmarks..."

Here is wall # 2 of my Land Mark Books.  I have counted 106. I wanted to see how many doubles I had so that I could offer them here.  I was really disappointed.  I only have 3 to offer.   I hope that you will take advantage of these titles.  You can research them and find them to be hard to come by and a bit pricey, they have definitely gotten to the "collectible" status.    

 I wondered how prevalent they were to find these days.  I know the libraries started to discard them years ago...but a few may still be found on the shelves at your local library.  Check it out and see.  I went on a scouting outing for 2 days, visiting many, many thrift stores in several different counties...and I only found 1...and YAY!  It was a title I didn't have.  Here is the real kicker.  I found it at a Christian thrift store.  The cashier said since it was a children's book, it would be $.10! Yes, ten cents!  But wait!!!!  There is more!!!!  The cashier said that if I would quote a Bible verse it would be half off!  I walked out of the store with my Landmark for 5 cents.   So people, keep an eye out!  There may still be some to be had at a steal like I found.  

Grand total : 5 cents

Here are the 3 Landmarks I have for sale:  

 Rough copy:  Heroines of the Early West:   $4.00 + shipping

Heroines of the Early West:  $6.00+ shipping

Gettysburg:  $6.00 + shipping

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